By The Numbers

I am not your traditional content platform and, by now, you’ve probably already noticed my unapologetic playfulness. Don’t worry, it exists for a reason, because it makes for an unmistakeable difference. Here is the unbridled truth, the indisputable facts, the bare statistics and the skinny on my numbers:

Crushing the Average

A typical visitor will spend several minutes on an average page on an average website. Fortunately, The Press Enquirer is anything BUT average. My readership spends upwards of 55% more time on this site compared to the others. It’s fun not to be so average. Queue mandatory fist-bump action.

Crush the Average

Extra Time %

Mobile %

Fun and Future-Proofed

Your cellphone is your most prized possession. In fact, you’d rather lose it than your wallet, because you spend so much time on it. You probably woke up looking at it. It’s the now, it’s the future, and two in five readers consume content on my sites via their cellphones, because they love my funtastic format.

Hop on the Funwagon

Inquisitive Intellectuals

I think of my readership: Who are they and what do they want? Then, I ask myself: Why do they keep coming back and how can I better serve them? I start by looking at them as Inquisitive Intellectuals, not dumbfounded lemmings. Turns out, by empowering them with fun little tools, a whooping good third of them become highly-engaged readers.

Engage More Readers

Active Users %

Bounce Rate %

Evermore Captivating

Nearly 9 in 10 readers decide to peruse through more content, once they’ve read a handful of headlines. That’s an unheard-of metric in 2018, but it’s astonishingly real and it’s the utter result of being fanatically Fun and Future-Proofed and Crushing the Average for my Inquisitive Intellectuals (see above).¬†Queue more fist-bump action.

Captivate The Crowd

Rapidly Expanding

I eat, breathe and live headlines, and you’re part of it. You are what makes my opus magnus, you’re the cheese to my macaroni, the cream in my coffee, the lace in my shoe, the gin to my tonic. Too much? Alright, I’ll take back that last one, but you are part of my journey in expanding to new states, new territories, and I hope to serve you well.

Help Me Expand