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Did you know display ads are less than 1% effective? We’ve spent the past several years rethinking how ads should work and function when it comes to the publishing ecosystem. Turns out, the solution was rather simple.

Our audience are headline readers, maybe just like yourself, so our native promotions pop out naturally, since they’re not competing with other imagery. We’ve done away with standard banner ads because, well, even its original founder never liked them to begin with. Rather than looking at you, our sponsors, as an afterthought, we’ve created a pay-as-you-go platform with easy-to-use tools to launch and edit your own promotions.

Our Plans

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  • Basic Promo
  • Starting From $9 All the basics for
    boosting brand exposure
  • 1 Promotion
    Go live instantly
    Schedule campaigns
    Edit any edit time
    Pay as you go

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  • Premium Promo
  • Starting From $19 Features you need
    for boosting growth
  • Everything in Basic Promo
    1 Dedicated Promo Block
    1 Custom Promo Badge
    Pay as you go

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  • Enterprise Promo
  • Customized Plan Contact Us Dedicated partner platform
    to scale your experience
  • Everything in Premium Promo
    1 Dedicated Partner Site
    Managed Ad Server
    Control Ad Inventory

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Answers to Questions

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[b5_toggle title=”Do you offer bulk discounts?”]Absolutely. Every one of our plans is automagically discounted based on the duration of your campaign. The longer you’ll promote, the more your save.
[b5_toggle title=”Do I have to sign up with a monthly or annual plan?”]No, because you have better things to do than to allocate resources to something you don’t need. The duration of your plan is completely up to you. That is, when you create a Basic or Premium Promotion, you’ll be able to set the start and end dates for your marketing campaign. Got an on-going promo that will last for several months? Depending on your budget, simply set the dates accordingly when you start your promotion.
[b5_toggle title=”What’s the difference between the Basic and Premium?”]Our Premium Promos enables your department to, essentially, own a portion of dedicated real estate on The Press Enquirer network, which serves thousands of readers each month. Unlike the Basic Promo, where your promotion is shared within a container we call a Promo Block, you’ll get your very own block that you can populate with your promotions.
[b5_toggle title=”How does billing work with Promo Blocks?”]Under the Premium Promo plan, when you start a new promotion, that promotion will be bucketed into its own Promo Block. When you add an additional promotion, the newly created promotion will also be bucketed into that same Promo Block. As long as you create Premium Promos, you’ll extend the duration for your Promo Block.
[b5_toggle title=”OK, tell me more about becoming a Press Partner.”]Sure thing! For enterprise-level clients, we offer a completely unique and tailored plan with a longer-term commitment to increase your brand awareness and scale your experience. As a Press Partner, you’ll get to run your own dedicated press site under The Press Enquirer network, serving headlines that are specific to your target demographic. Additionally, you’ll be able to monetize your own press site by allowing your network partners to purchase promotional real estate on your own site much like we do over here.
[b5_toggle title=”What happens after I click that Get Started button?”]You’ll be transported back to the future with Marty McFly and Doc in a souped-up DeLorean. Not really, but upon pressing that button to run your first promotion, you’ll be prompted to sign up (if you haven’t already) after which you’ll be able to create your first ad! Awesome, right?
[b5_toggle title=”Do you have any content guidelines?”]We have a few more pointers to ensure that your promotion gets the exposure it deserves. You can access more information regarding content under our Help section.
[b5_toggle title=”How soon after I publish my promotion can I see it on The Press Enquirer network?”]You should be able to see it right away. If not, give it a few minutes and if you’re still running into issues, please contact us at
[b5_toggle title=”Can I edit my promotion and resubmit it?”]Yes. In fact, you don’t even need to submit it to us. Once you’ve created your account and created your first ad, you can simply go into your list of promotions and edit your live ad.
[b5_toggle title=”Do you offer anything outside of these promotions, promo blocks and partner press sites?”] There are a few other things in the works, but your best bet is to start a promotion and go from there.

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