Glossy Press isn’t your traditional content aggregation platform. It powers The Press Enquirer, a large network for thousands of readers covering a multitude of topics, which range from the hardcore synth heads, MMA fighters, politicos to the proud fur-parents and adrenaline junkies, just to name a few.

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Crushing the Average

A typical visitor will spend several minutes on an average page on an average website. Fortunately, The Press Enquirer is anything but average. Its readership spends upwards of 55% more time on the network compared to the others. It’s fun not to be so average. Queue mandatory fist-bump action.

Crush the Average

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Mobile %

Fun and Future-Proofed

Your cellphone is your most prized possession. In fact, you’d rather lose it than your wallet, because you spend so much time on it. You probably woke up looking at it. It’s the now, it’s the future, and two in five readers consume content The Press Enquirer network via their cellphones, because they love the funtastic format.

Hop on the Funwagon

Evermore Captivating

Nearly 9 in 10 readers decide to peruse through more content, once they’ve read a handful of headlines. That’s an unheard-of metric in 2019, but it’s astonishingly real and it’s the utter result of being fanatically Fun and Future-Proofed and Crushing the Average for the Inquisitive Intellectuals (see above). Queue more fist-bump action.

Captivate The Crowd

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Coverage %

By Reach

The Press Enquirer covers headlines coast to coast and, on a monthly average, produce a 98% coverage area in the United States. If there’s an interesting headline out there, somebody will find it and click it. That’s the power of the web and that’s the primary motivation for covering anything from the come-ups in hyper-niche markets to the billion-dollar industries covering make-ups and pet accessories.


By Age

Behold the age dispersion that forms this bell curve — beautiful, isn’t she? The readership is evenly distributed along the bell curve model. The readers, young and old, care about the latest content, while being able to rate the trustworthiness of each headline they come across.

Sounds good.

  • 18-24

  • 25-34

  • 35-44

  • 45-54

  • 55-64

  • 65+


  • Female

  • Male


By Gender

If you thought men are more interested in newsy headlines, you’d be wrong. And that’s okay, because it doesn’t matter. The platform is gender agnostic and the occasional splash of color and funtastic nuances are part and parcel of what makes people of all ages and genders congregate to this thumb-flicking exercise we call headline reading.

Sounds great!